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Wildlife Marine is the brain-child of Australian research scientist and shark biologist, Dr William Robbins. Will formed Wildlife Marine in late 2011 after recognising the need for a rapid-response, independent scientific entity to help Government and private bodies produce timely results at international peer-review standards. Along with a team of talented associates, Wildlife Marine conducts independent research into contemporary marine and terrestrial environmental issues, and undertakes tailored consultancy contracts into conservation issues and fisheries management. Wildlife Marine's research arm has active collaborations with researchers around the globe, with projects encompassing all the world's major oceanic systems.

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Please note: from March 2018, Wildlife Marine's founder, Dr William Robbins, has been undertaking a full-time external research contract. As such, Wildlife Marine has wound back its operations and is not seeking consultancy work at this time. However, we thank you for your interest in Wildlife Marine.







Non-confidential Wildlife Marine scientific publications (2012 onwards)