About Wildlife Marine

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Wildlife Marine is the brain-child of Australian research scientist and shark biologist, Dr William Robbins. Will formed Wildlife Marine in late 2011 after recognising the need for a rapid-response, independent scientific entity to help Government and private bodies produce timely results at international peer-review standards. Please note that due to Will accepting an ongoing external research contract, Wildlife Marine has now wound back its operations, and although we will still maintain an active research profile, it is at a much reduced rate. As Will has stepped back, Wildlife Marine is now administered by one of our long term associates, the very talented Nadia Aurisch.

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Nadia's specialities lay in project co-ordination and producing high quality marine surveys, interpretation and reporting in an accurate and timely fashion. Her experience has seen her deliver multiple environmental-focussed projects, providing advice and recommendations which take industry and species concerns into account. Her work has improved the efficiency of large-scale marine operational procedures on many occasions, and has contributed to the environmental sustainability of multiple projects across Australia. She is also highly adept at staff development and organisational logistics. Nadia is working with multiple ongoing projects, including those of Wildlife Marine, and we appreciate her stepping in and know she'll do a great job with them all.


The results of Wildlife Marine's independent research projects are freely available. For more information please refer to the projects page, the publications below, or drop Wildlife Marine a line through the contact form.



Non-confidential Wildlife Marine scientific publications (2012 onwards)